Sunday, April 02, 2006

Picking Up the Pace

Well, I have been back in the States for almost a month now. Time sure does fly in this fast-paced, 1st world, Western country. I am happy to report that God has been ever-so-faithful since my return. Less than 18 hours after I arrived back in Charleston, I was blessed with the perfect job - waiting tables at Bookstore Cafe. If you aren't so fortunate as to live in Charleston, Bookstore Cafe is, in my unbaised opinion, above and beyond the best breakfast place around. The hours are exactly what I was hoping for - four days 8-4 during the week and an occasional Saturday or two. Perfect for planning a wedding!

Speaking of wedding plans, they are in full swing. This is another area where God has been miraculously wonderful. From our invitations to the D.J., I truly feel that His hand has been upon every aspect of the planning. It seems that whenever Jason and I are together, things easily fall into place. We were out shopping for wedding stuff the other day and ran into his friend who owns a limo service. We needed one, but weren't even thinking about it and, in just a few minutes, it was done. We also happened upon a reasonably priced videographer at Mosaic Church in Charlotte, NC a couple of weeks ago. Those are just a couple of examples of the multitude of blessings I feel He has poured upon me. For any brides-to-be, a hilarious and helpful book I've been reading and would like to recommend is Dazzled to Frazzled and Back Again - The Brides Survival Guide by Ginger Kolbaba.

Today was the Cooper River Bridge Run, a 10K, and a pretty big deal in the Lowcountry - somewhere around 45,000 people ran and walked it this year. The (Kenyan) person who won ran it in 28 minutes! Jason and I ran together and finished in 57 minutes and 10 seconds, a couple minutes shy of our goal of under an hour...not too shabby for our lack of training! It was a lot of fun and I am already looking forward to next year's race. Posted by Picasa


At 3:20 AM, Anonymous lori said...

aw, jenna! i am so glad that things are working out so easily for you guys :) i work at a bookstore cafe, too!! you are always in my thoughts and, again, i couldn't be happier for yall and the ways things are falling into place! my sister and i are doing a 5K in wilmington on mother's day and i am pretty excited about it!! i love you girl

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At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

jenna, I think it is time to update this website :) I miss you and want to talk to you soon. I don't know if you will ever check this thing again but know that I love ya and am lifting you up. You are going to be an aunt! that is so awesome! Congratulations! Love, mary mac

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