Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It gets more real every day!
Do you ever imagine something, but don't feel like it is really going to happen? That is how I have felt about going to Australia for about ten months now. I am leaving in less than one month now and it gets more real every day. I have paid my deposit, raised about 80% of my goal funds, secured a plane ticket and obtained my visa. So many steps in the process and they have all gone rather smoothly. I am confident that God will provide me with the rest of the money I need in His perfect timing - probably the very last minute. :) I learned the other day that a man named Johannas from Germany is donating a generous sum of money toward the cause. He visited Seacoast about a month ago to do intense ministry training & learn about our multi-site operation because, get this, he wants to start a Seacoast Germany! How cool is that?! I barely talked to him, but apparently he and Jason prayed for me and my trip quite a bit. Talk about unexpected sources! God works in the most incredible ways...praise Him!


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