Saturday, October 01, 2005

This Week’s Highlights
This week encompassed so much that I can’t even begin to tell you about everything so here are some of the best (not always new, but in a new light) thoughts that I picked up:
~an egg that stays in it’s shell is no use to anyone – it must be broken (Josh, you can add this to your analogy about an egg holding the cake together)
~God may hurt us, but He will never harm us; He may cause us pain so that we can become free of it – for example, when someone has a tumor, possibly cancer, the surgeon will cut it out to save the patient further pain
~there are four main sources from which we receive communication: God, the world, our own flesh and the devil - instead of listening to ourselves, we should communicate with God and others
~B.C.G. (Blaming, Criticizing & Complaining and Gossip & Grumbling) is an infectious disease in the Church; the cure is B.C.G. (Being Continually Grateful) and D.P.T. (Daily Praise & Thanksgiving)
~Because He wants us to become more like Him, God speaks to everyone, all the time
~He speaks specific plans, love, comfort, truth, warnings, correction & rebuke and guidance
~Philippians 3:10 is an awesome verse…meditate on that
~just like playing darts, you can hit the bulls’ eye - God’s perfect will, anywhere else on the board - his permissive will or you can totally miss the board – sin
~intercession: praying for others by knowing God’s heart; pleading with God for mercy on behalf of a sinner; standing in the gap
~petition: praying for ourselves
~spiritual warfare: standing against/between Satan and another person
~God speaks through nature (Romans 1:20), written word, rhema word, living word – Jesus speaks, dreams, visions, angelic visitations, family, friends, enemies, pastors, speakers, music, media, inner voice, closed doors, open doors, deep inner knowing, financial provision, audible voice, conscience, circumstances
~He usually confirms what He is speaking through two or three sources – peace, scriptures, Godly advice
~God never contradicts His own Word in the Scriptures (in context)
~God never violates His own principles
~God never tells you to do anything selfish, untrue, immoral, unkind or unloving
~In ministry, human sympathy will not take you far, but divine passion will.

Last night we went on our first official outreach in the somewhat sketchy, near the train station, downtown area of Logan City. In a word, it was AWESOME! We had a prayer power hour and then went out in groups of four to evangelize to whoever we came across and invite them to come have coffee and pastries at our makeshift "coffee shop." Many people were open to hearing the gospel. I had the biggest Holy Spirit buzz when we finally left around 1:30am. Praise the Lord!

Today, we went to downtown Brisbane and hung out around Southbank, a man-made beach in the middle of the city. It was much more beautiful than I had imagined and we had a great day, full of sun, sand and shopping.

Next week, we will be studying the Father Heart of God - stay tuned for updates.


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